In 2012 I had the pleasure of reporting from The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc following The North Face athlete Jez Bragg around the course as he attempted to repeat his 2010 win. (Link to blog). In 2013 I'll be back but to attempt the CCC, a shorter version of the main event featuring a 100km route from Courmayer to Chamonix via Champex with 5950m of ascent

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hardmoors 55

Just a few hours after finishing the Hardmoors 55 and I'm sat in the sun in Reykjavik on my way to a guiding job in Greenland. The legs are feeling good and I'm reflecting on what was a very successful day out. After a long winter guiding in Scotland the body was creaking and somewhat foolishly I got myself straightend out by my physio just the day before. The muscles were a bit stiff for the first few miles but I soon settled in to a steady rhythm. One of the most pleasing aspects of the day was getting the nutrition sorted. A combination of sausage rolls, cheese and bars kept me on an even keel throughout the day and I didn't really experience any low points. As expected after a winter in big boots I had no speed in my legs so focused on getting round with no injuries and a negative split. Many of the tracks were at right angles to the prevailing wind and on the exposed ground were buried in knee deep snow drifts. By the time I reached these areas a good trail jad been worn in although it was still almost impossible to run but the leading group must have had a very tough time of it. A number of gates would have needed digging out although on one occasion the drift was big enough just to step over. The temperature never rose above freezing and frozen water bottles and gels were the order of the day. Full marks to the organisers for going ahead with the event in these xonditions. In fact many competitors failed to battle through the snow to the start but those who did had a memorable day out fighting the elements.

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