In 2012 I had the pleasure of reporting from The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc following The North Face athlete Jez Bragg around the course as he attempted to repeat his 2010 win. (Link to blog). In 2013 I'll be back but to attempt the CCC, a shorter version of the main event featuring a 100km route from Courmayer to Chamonix via Champex with 5950m of ascent

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tweeting on the go from the 2013 CCC.

  • Back in the mountains :) Mont Blanc making an appearance above Chamonix
  •  #CCC registration complete. Race no 6769. Off to enjoy the buzz in Chamonix & eat copious amounts of pizza :) 

  •  Stunning sunrise in Courmayeur. Perfect conditions for the #UTMB #CCC 75mins till we're go go go!

  • The start line. 100km to Chamonix with a mere 6000m of ascent :)

  •  30 mins before the #CCC start & gets a spot kit check! Sure it will all go back in!
  •  1900 people lined up in Courmayeur ready to race :) #CCC13 20 mins till the 1st wave of 3
  •  #CCC13 runners stream up the 1st big hill dwarfed by Mont Blanc

  •  The #CCC crocodile starting to spread out. Awesome ridge top running in the sunshine :) 
  •  3 hrs of running on the #CCC13 & the start's still in sight! 1st water stop overlooking Courmayeur
  •  I've run through Refuge Bertone and I'm now in position 950 after 03:19:32
  •  I've run through Refuge Bonatti and I'm now in position 940 after 04:33:19
  •  Ticking along nicely in the heat of the day. #CCC13 Not far to the Swiss border but 2nd big climb coming up... ..
  • I've run through Arnuva and I'm now in position 888 after 05:29:47

  •  I've run through Grand Col Ferret and I'm now in position 821 after 06:51:26
  •  Goodbye Italy! It's been a pleasant few hours. Over the Col du Ferret :) #CCC13 Doooooooownhill...
  •  I've run through La Fouly and I'm now in position 719 after 08:19:15.
  •  Swiss mountain air agreeing with me #CCC13 Good leg down to Le Fouly 40km. ETA sub 20 for 1st time :)
  •  I've run through Champex-Lac and I'm now in position 590 after 10:30:10. 
  •   Feeding time at the zoo! Pasta party at Champex 54km. Half hour till the torches come out
  •  I've run through Bovine and I'm now in position 554 after 12:45:00

  •  Night nav's easy! 1000s of these high viz numbers guiding everyone around the #CCC & #UTMB courses
  •  I've run through Trient and I'm now in position 503 after 14:03:17
  •  I've run through Vallorcine and I'm now in position 468 after 16:51:18
  •  Final climb done & the lights of Chamonix spread out below. Still a long descent but the #CCC end is in sight
  •  I've run through La Flégère and I'm now in position 486 after 20:12:26 
  • Job done :) #CCC IN 21:50. Just in time for breakfast at the hotel! Sure will do the #UTMB quicker! 
  •  Scores on the doors #CCC 497th from 1900 starters in 21:50 198th in 18:49 & 13:41 for 11th!!!! 
  •  I have just finished the CCC®, in position 501 after running 21:50:21. 

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